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5 Tips For Writing Good Ad Copy

If you've been writing for a long enough time, you'll start thinking about your options for driving traffic to your site, free traffic through SEO is the dream, but more often than not, the quickest, most efficient route is paid traffic with advertisements. Before you start shucking out money though, let's go over five easy… Continue reading 5 Tips For Writing Good Ad Copy

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6 Tips To Grow Your Audience

  Get More Viewers Without Spending More If you have a site, whether it's a blog, commerce, or just a page about your favorite pet, you want to reach the biggest audience possible right? The more people you can reach, the more potential for monetizing, the more your message gets out there, the more traction… Continue reading 6 Tips To Grow Your Audience

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Get More Done: Tips for Being More Productive

Everyday you get off work and you run home to rest for a few minutes and then start on your to-do list. You get caught up watching TV or maybe moving that pile of laundry you haven't hung up yet so you can get to your writing desk. Maybe you get to talking after diner… Continue reading Get More Done: Tips for Being More Productive

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Get Paid To Loose Weight!

New Year's was 7 months ago, how many of you are still keeping up your resolutions? I kept mine up until about mid-March (and I'm pretty proud of that!). If you're anything like me, and the other 37% of Americans this past January, you made a resolution to loose weight, eat healthier, or exercise more.… Continue reading Get Paid To Loose Weight!

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Take Control Of Your Life

Do you remember learning Maslow's hierarchy of needs in school? The bottom of the pyramid is made up of your immediate physical needs like food and water, shelter, and income, the next level is made up of a feeling of love and belonging, friendships and family, the level above that is your self-esteem and respect… Continue reading Take Control Of Your Life

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What is Bitcoin and How to Make Money With It

How to invest in bitcoin What is bitcoin? To understand bitcoin, we have to first know what a cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency in its basic form is a digital form of exchange that uses cryptography (codes) to create secure transactions. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency; meaning there is no central bank or organization controlling it's value… Continue reading What is Bitcoin and How to Make Money With It